Ap Psychology Flashcards, 251500

Behaviorism: Key Concept – Observable behaviors, especially as they pertain to learning
Family Systems Model – idea that an individual's behavior must be considered within part of their family or social context
fixation – disorder in which the person does not fully resolve the conflict in a particular psycho sexual stage, resulting in personality traits and behavior associated with that early stage.
Lawrence Kohlberg – moral development; presented boys moral dilemmas and studied their responses and reasoning processes in making moral decisions. Most famous moral dilemma is "Heinz" who has an ill wife and cannot afford the medication. Should he steal the medication and why?
dendrite – the bushy, branching extensions of a neuron that receive messages and conduct impulses toward the cell body
rapid eye movement sleep (REM) – The component of sleep characterized by waveforms resembling wakefulness and measured by EEG accompanied by rapid eye movements, muscular paralysis, and autonomic nervous system activation.
parasympathetic division – part of autonomic system that controls rest & digestion
Parietal Lobe – Touch, pain, sensory.
An individual's suffering in response to the loss of their mother is, broadly, going through:
Example of Stimulus Control – Traffic signals, the tower bells, watches, smiling
axon terminals – Branches at the end of the axon that contain tiny pouches called synaptic vesicles
An individuаl's suffering in respоnse tо the lоss of their mother is, broаdly, going through:
Left Hemisphere – -controls language (speech and grammar)
-Logic( geometric theorem type
-Music( distinguishes which sounds come first

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