Junior College English Vocab

Juxtaposition – Poetic and rhetorical device placing normally unassociated ideas, words, or phrases next to one another.
EX: Robert Frost's poem "Fire and Ice"
stratagem – (n.) a military maneuver designed to deceive or surprise an enemy
To Bequeath – VERB. – To dispose of (personal property, especially money) by last will; to hand down; pass on
munificent – (adj.) Extremely generous, lavish
Synonyms: bounteous, liberal
Root Word – This is a word related in origin, as certain words in genetically related languages descended from the same ancestral word. It is also the part of the word after all affixes have been removed.
épeler – spell spelt spelt (also: spell /spelled/spelled)
get on or off a bus – einsteigen oder aussteigen
.9.  The author’s primary purpose is to persuade narrate inform entertain  
Repine – To feel express content
throw a curve ball – anything that come unexpectedly
Allude – To refer to something indirectly or casually.
.9.  The аuthоr’s primаry purpоse is tо persuаde narrate inform entertain  
(se) retirer – withdraw, withdrew, withdrawn

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