Geoscience Vocabulary Terms

In geothermal system the thermal gradient can be up to: – 300°C/Km
Fissure – Cracks in the ground where lava erupts from and can produce huge thick piles of lava Ex. Krafla, Iceland, Snake River Plain Idaho
according to a 2013 IPCC report, it is "extremely likely" that climate change is caused by humans. what did the ipcc report use as a quantitative definition of "extremely likely" (%) – > 95%
What are the two important destructions that were first recognized at Mount St. Helens? – Lateral Blasts and Debris Avalanches
largest planet in our solar system, 8 wind belts, intense magnetic field, thin ice ring, pioneer 10 and voyager visited this planet, – jupiter
The extraction of alumina generate red mud as by product in the ratio: – 3 to 1
What do we mean when we say a sediment is well-rounded? – Rounded grains are spherical is shape (conglomerate) and experience lots of transport
Decade when coal displaces wood as the U.S.'s primary energy source – 1880s
Fires – result from earthquakes mostly in 3rd world countries
places where there is open flame
ex. Tokyo
spectrals…. – o,b,a,f,g,k,m…Oh Boy A Fine Guy Kissed Me
G-white/yellow-5000,6000- Capella, Sol
Decade when coal displaces wood as the U.S.'s primary energy source – 1880s
Which planet is the largest in our solar system? – The largest planet in our solar system is Jupiter.
outgoing solar radiation – long wave, infrared
Types of Unconformities – – angular unconformity: tilted rocks are overlain by flat-lying (horizontal) rocks
– disconformity: strata (rock layers) on either side are parallel; section of layers were eroded
– nonconformity: metamorphic or igneous rocks below the unconformity
Base Floor – during dry periods, the low discharge is described as baseflow and is largley maintained by input from local groundwater
Metamorphic Rock orgin – Rock that has been changed by heat and pressure

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